LEORA CONSULTING GROUP LLC is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm offering expertise and assistance to non-profit and municipal clients in areas that include:

Financial Advisory Services for Municipal & 501(c)(3) Issuers
Organization Counseling
Capacity/Credit Building
Negotiating for Banking Services
Financial Analysis & Model Development
Strategic Planning
Training & Education
Demand & Revenue Projections

VERSATILITY – Leora has earned a reputation for creative problem solving, market insight and active collaboration with our clients. We have assisted non-profit organizations with –

  • Analyzing the feasibility of proposed multi-stage capital projects;
  • Drafting request for proposals for banking/underwriting services;
  • A cross-collateralization plan that maximized, parking, admission and tax revenues to increase project budget and scope;
  • Developing a long-range campus development strategy using both debt & fundraising;
  • Creating a financial model to analyze the benefits of fixed or floating rate debt & the costs and benefits of refinancing outstanding mortgages.


Our concept for Leora was born from three core beliefs that have guided our careers to date:

  1. Our clients deserve our loyalty, our best efforts, our commitment and our creative enthusiasm. We do not gossip or complain about our clients. We tell our clients early on if we don't know or understand something. We learn best when we listen. We are as honest as we know how with our clients but we also understand the value of diplomacy and discretion.
  2. Our work product is what we leave behind, the permanent record for each assignment. There is no such thing as "good enough" for us. Every piece of work we produce we strive to make as well written, as accurate and as visually pleasing as we know how.
  3. Our professional colleagues deserve our respect, our loyalty, our help and our friendship. We believe in rewarding those who think creatively, take risks, maintain perspective and exhibit decency. Profitability is an important thing but it is not the only thing. We do not believe that business is a game, a battle, a strategic campaign, or 'us vs. them'. We believe business is a sustained human effort. Business success, we believe, is built on survival, reputation and a not taking ourselves too seriously.

L E O R A – fem. name /origin: Heb./
Light; Brings the light. (Light n. origin: OE/ The power of perception by vision. Objects are rendered visible. That which furnishes or is a source of light as the sun, a star, a candle, a lighthouse etc.)